Warehouse Management System Software

Warehouse Management System Software

Warehouse Management Software

Cambrian Warehouse Management Software is a web based application that allows you to monitor office consumables and warehouse dispatches. It allows the user to easily manage your items and inventory easily manage your inventory level and value of items in store and also those dispatched making sure that the correct level of stock is maintained, to be able to meet demand while keeping the costs of holding stock to a minimum.
For users wishing to monitor their stock levels precisely, Cambrian Warehouse Management Software allows refined management of quantities in the various places of storage, as well as a shortage alert for each item.


Warehousing allows you to add and view your warehouse utilization and bins Allocation

Warehouse Management Software



This section allows you to make purchase orders, track them and restock your warehouse from this purchase

order. A PO can have multiple items

Cambrian Warehouse Management Software

Orders Menu


The restock section allows you to restock products without a purchase order. This is done one item per restock.

Warehouse management software chennai




Dispatch Section allows you to dispatch products to Staff only. That is people you do not want to invoice. This is done one item per dispatch.

Warehouse Management software Chennai




Create customers and the contact person. View Customer Open invoices, quotes/estimations raised.

Warehouse Management System Chennai

Customers Form

Sales Orders

This section allows you to create a quotation. You can then create Invoices from this Sales Orders

Warehouse Management software in chennai

Sales Form


Create invoices and track their payments. Invoices are categorized in Paid and Unpaid Categories.

warehouse management software in chennai

Invoice Form



Allows you to record a payment of an invoice.

Warehouse management software in chennai

Payments form


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